When a poet orates their art over a beat, that stanza is broken up into measures that are referred to as "BARZ". Use of the word "BARZ" normally emphasizes a particularly powerful line, usually in a song, which coerces people to scream "BARZ". Here at Visual Barz we bring you "BARZ", visually. We hope to entice the same reaction.

We present "BARZ" to our audience visually, hence:

Visual Barz Media Solutions

Visual Barz Media Solutions is a multimedia video production company that prides itself on its ability to show its audience a wide variety of worlds through a unique 21st century lens. We are young rebels with a cause: to fight the inertia of today's media climate and export entertainment with the fresh and passionate perspective of our generation – and also to create some dope videos.

Our one mission: to keep creating content.


Visual Barz Media Solutions is run by a young lady with a dream to work for herself and never have to compromise her ideals. With a team of talented, young entrepreneurs, she helps them to produce professional content with a realistic price tag. They bring authenticity to their narrative pieces and naturally have a connection to the new age of media because they live it. They don't believe in problems or limitations but in solutions.

Natalie James

Founder & Executive Producer

Natalie has extensive experience in the television industry and in recent years has tried her hand at more commercial and cinematic work. A former Rutgers student, she executive produced live television there for over 3 years and has also made award winning short films with the help of her team. She has had films screened Cannes International Film Festival and worked on the Academy Award Nominated, "I Am Not Your Negro". Visual Barz is her dream and she has the ambition to keep pushing towards great success.