The epic Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show 2016!

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There were about 120 million people watching Super Bowl 50, Sunday February 7, 2016!

It was a loss for the Carolina Panthers, and a great win for Peyton Manning’s last game. But this year there was something even bigger which took over the football hype, and that was: Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and none other than Queen B aka Beyonce!

Watching the magic of three very different artists collab at the nations highest viewed event was breathtaking. Coldplay sang a mix of Viva La Vida, Paradise, and Yellow. And then shortly after, that’s when Bruno Mars jumped in with his infamous Uptown Funk, and Beyonce made her appearance with her new single, Formation. The show concluded with the three talented singers dedicating a montage of the last 50 years of Super Bowl with the crowd joining in.

More than half the nation had chills, goosebumps and tears in our eyes. When we saw the ‘Believe in Love’ sign in the audience in a multi-colored formation it only added to the breathtaking ensemble.


This performance really had a strong message to the nation though. I feel like we have so many negative news these days, there are so many problems occurring in the world, and it’s unfortunate to say we as people have forgotten to just simply love. We have to love everyone to move forward. We have to welcome every color, every race, every religion, and every personal. This is how I perceived the show though, I know many people around the world were tweeting about how beautiful this halftime show was, or going against it.


Talking Production…

Can we just talk about how much work must have gone behind creating this magical piece though?!

From the choreography for each artists, lighting, and number of cameras. Huge props to the people who came up with this brilliant idea and produced it into a memorable performance.

The sets as well were a big wow factor! For Coldplay we saw loads of color, and even some hints of Indian designs and lettering on their drums and speakers, which read ‘Coldplay’. Bruno Mars and his back-up dancers looked suave and chic in their leather and gold suits. And Beyonce didn’t need much of a set, as she took half the football field with her fierceness and attitude in a black leotard, fishnet tights, and flying hair.

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